Apple Asked Samsung Royalty Fees Of Up To $30 Per Touch-Screen Phone, $40 Per Tablet

Nobody knows exactly when the Apple vs. Samsung courtroom drama will ever stop (if) and what will the outcome be. According to some court documents the Cupertino-based company has asked Samsung, back in October of 2010, for royalty fees also saying they “would have preferred that Samsung request a license in advance”.

A total amount of $30 was requested for any touch-screen-enabled phone, let it be Windows Phone, Android of another platform (Bada, Symbian, etc.) and $40 for each tablet — amount which would decrease to $30 over two years.

There were also some discounts planned: phones with QWERTY hardware keyboards would get a 20 percent discount; those Apple patents which were already licensed by Microsoft with Windows Mobile would grand another 40 percent off; cross-licensing on Samsung patents would generate 20 percent. The example used for these discounts was the Windows Mobile powered BlackJack II which, in this particular case, would get a total of 80 percent discount.

Of course, the two companies are still at war inside various courtrooms of the world which could only mean that the negotiations based on these royalty fee proposals failed.

Source: The Verge

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