Another patent trial verdict is overturned, this time favoring Apple over Samsung

You lose some, and then you win some. It’s been like that for many, many years on the so-called smartphone patent wars front, and while a number of combatants have backed out or reached out-of-court settlements, Apple continues to seek damages from arch-rival and occasional business partner Samsung, as smaller outfits do the same unto the world’s largest technology company.

Seeing as how the never-ending legal battle between the top two smartphone OEMs is as much if not more about pride and bragging rights as money, news of an unfavorable February verdict being reversed by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington earlier today should put a big smile on Tim Cook’s face. Regardless of recent Cupertino losses against VirnetX and Acacia.

In a clear 8-4 ruling, the latest D.C. judge panel found that a previous trio of justice experts was wrong to negate a $119.6 million penalty for copyright infringement, “supported by substantial evidence in the record.”

But Samsung could end up paying even more if willful breach of IP laws can be established beyond a reasonable doubt, which also goes for a separate $548 million compensation to be ruled on by the US Supreme Court as early as next week. As if the Galaxy Note 7 makers didn’t have enough problems already

Source: Bloomberg

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