Apple has reportedly paid $2.7 billion in advance of receiving 45,000 mobile OLED displays from LG Display starting in 2019, the Korea Economic Daily reports.

The total investment is actually going to a $15.1 billion 2020 vision plan that sees a product spread of small- and medium-sized displays across plants in Korea and one joint factory in China. It is said that it will cost $3.1 billion to get a production line up to usable yields of 30,000 panels per month — that line would be purposed specifically for future iPhone displays.

The two companies are mum on the deal as industry leader Samsung Display is currently the only part provider for Apple, but it does enable Infinity Loop to wedge some leverage for price controls.

Meanwhile, LG Display is also looking at orders from Google and Xiaomi as well as its own sister electronics company for the limited quantity of its OLED panels.

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