Apple Reveals iPhone 4S

Sure enough, just as expected, Apple has announced the iPhone 4S. From the outside, you’d think you were looking at an iPhone 4. The company has confirmed the presence of an A5 dual-core processor, and took the opportunity to showcase the handset’s performance with a demo of the kind of graphics possible in upcoming games. Apple claims the 4S will have up to seven times the graphics performance as the iPhone 4.

What will battery life be like with the new processor? Worst-case scenario looks to be web browsing over a 3G connection, which should take six hours to deplete the battery. If you’re not using any data connection, and just watching video locally, the phone should hold-out for about 10 hours.

What has Apple learned from the iPhone 4’s antenna problems? Plenty, it turns out, and the iPhone 4S will feature intelligent antenna management to keep a signal locked. Download speeds are going up, thanks to support for HSPA+ 14.4Mbps downloads. The big news, though, might be that the 4S is now a dual CDMA/GSM world phone – no separate Verizon version.

As expected, Apple’s thrown a new camera into the phone, now with an eight-megapixel sensor. It’s a backside-illuminated CMOS component, for low-light noise reduction, and is supposedly 33% more responsive than the old iPhone 4 sensor. Apple also claims the pictures are a third “sharper” than the previous revision’s, and says the phone will feature a new f/2.4 aperture lens, just like we saw in the test photo we uncovered. Photo taking will be assisted by Apple’s Image Signal Processor, handling white balance correction and performing tasks like face-tracking. Lag times to snap pics are so low, Apple says you can look forward to just half a second between shots.

The iPhone 4S won’t just do still pictures, obviously. With the new sensor and the A5 chip, the phone can now record 1080p video.

You can now use AirPlay Mirroring to view stuff like games on a big screen, using your choice of a wired or wireless connection. Finally, look for the eagerly-awaited inclusion of Siri, the voice-control technology that Apple is hoping will revolutionize how you interact with your iPhone.

Prices will run $200 for 16GB, $300 for 32GB, and $400 for the new 64GB option. Look for it on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, starting on October 14.

The old iPhone 4 will drop to $100 for 8GB, and you should be able to find the 8GB 3GS free-on-contract.

Source: Apple, Engadget

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