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Apple reports its Q4 2021 financial results with revenues of $83.4 billion

By Roland Udvarlaki October 29, 2021, 11:30 am
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After seeing how much revenue Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung took home, it’s finally time to see how much Apple made in the last financial quarter. Apple was expected to have a revenue of $85 billion, which it missed as it made $83.4 billion in revenue.

The Wall Street expected and estimated Apple to make a revenue of at least $85 billion, but Apple missed it by $1.6 billion, which was likely due to some component and chip shortages that are affecting all industries and most manufacturers and companies around the world.

Apple made $38.9 billion in Q4 2021 from the iPhones, up from $26.4 billion compared to Q4 of 2020. The Mac sales were higher than ever before, with a record-breaking $9.2 billion in sales, which is likely thanks to the powerful and efficient M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices, which were rather incredible with their performance results.

The iPad made over $8.3 billion for Apple, which is altogether a 21% increase year-over-year. The services and wearables, home, and accessories categories also did pretty well, earning Apple $8.8 billion each, which is a 26% and 11% YoY increase. These categories will likely benefit even more from the upcoming holidays, although Apple may face a lot of challenges to ensure that it has enough supplies of its components to build more devices.

In the full fiscal year ending in September 2021, Apple earned a total of $365.8 billion, which is 33% more than what it made back $274.5 billion in 2019. It remains to be seen how much the iPhone 13 Series, the new AirPods, and the next generation of MacBook Pro devices will help Apple, but it’s clear that it’ll likely boost sales even more for the next quarter.

Apple MacBook Pro 14

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Apple MacBook Pro 16

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