A recent report from Taiwan suggests that Apple might have cancelled the development of its rumored AR glasses. Whether it’s a glitch in the translation of the original article or not, the report suggests that Apple has temporarily halted the development, which could go both ways: the iPhone-maker could resume development once it figures out a way around the hurdles, or it might cancel it altogether.

Other reports, however, seem to suggest the opposite, and claim that Apple is still working on the AR glasses. This report mentions the departure of Apple designer Avi Bar-Zeev, previously behind Microsoft’s HoloLens, from leading the AR glasses team.

Contrary to this report, renowned Apple-insider Ming Chi Kuo said back in May that Apple’s AR glasses are nearing the production stage, and could see a 2020 launch. With many conflicting reports, we advise you to keep skeptical until something more solid comes up.

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