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What’s up with Apple promoting scam apps on the App Store?

By Sanuj Bhatia August 5, 2021, 1:00 pm
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App Store has been under scrutiny for the past few months. Ever since the developer Kosta Eleftheriou reported about how a clone of his app became one of the best-selling apps on the App Store, many App Store scam apps have been reported. Despite Apple claiming that the App Store is a “safe place” and “sideloading” would break iPhone, App Store scams are reported every now and then.

Today, users and developers in Australia are reporting that Apple has (accidentally) been promoting a number of scam apps in the App Store feature. App Store has a featured section wherein the Cupertino-based giant promotes apps and games from third-party developers. But today, the company seems to have promoted apps that turned out to be scams.


The App Store story, called “Slime Relaxations,” reportedly features non-functional and over-priced apps. The story was first highlighted by an iOS developer Beau Nouvelle on Twitter. One of the apps, called “Jelly: Slime Simulator, ASMR,” has a $13+ weekly subscription which doesn’t work until a person pays for it.

App Store has strict guidelines against the developers who try to overcharge users for simple apps or apps which are “clear rip-offs.” Despite this, developers have been reporting about an increasing number of App Store scam apps daily.

In an interview with iMore, Nouvelle said that these apps have turned App Store into a “joke.” He said that App Store is a “livelihood” for many developers, but “active promotion of stuff like this is just proof that Apple’s claims around App Store reviews being there for quality control and safety are just lies.”

Have you ever come across an app that turned out to be a scam? Do you believe that only App Store should be a way to distribute apps on iOS, or do you think iOS users should be allowed sideloading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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