How does the Apple Pencil compare to the Surface Pen?

Time to play Spot the Difference! The iPad Pro finally hitting some human hands outside of factories while the Apple Pencil looks like its going to take its time. But those who shelled out the extra cash to get a stylus might be wondering how it compares to Microsoft’s Surface Pen, one that comes with the package.

Turns out, they’re neck-and-neck. One Angel Jimenez de Luis has been using his iPad Pro for about a week and a half and just so happens to have a Surface Pro 4, too.

Can you tell much of a difference? Unless you go frame peeping, not really. On cursory analysis, average latency on the Surface Pen stands at 7/120 of a second while the Apple Pen is more like 5/120 of a second.

We don’t know how much difference an extra 1/60 second drag makes, but if you’re a digital artist or scribbler or someone who uses this type of technology, please let us know.

Other than that, we’re not really awarding points, here. Settle your britches.

Via: Redmond Pie

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