Any way to charge the Apple Pencil will be a nightmare

Apple is known for extremely logical and practical design with some of its products, and then the complete opposite for others in the sake of beauty. An example is the Apple Watch with the awkward play between the digital crown and the display since pressing the button leads home, or the old MacBook Pros with two USB ports you couldn’t use together. Such is the case of the Apple Pencil which already made some negative headlines for the way you have to charge it, but that was only part of the story.

If you remember, Apple’s demo of how you charge the Apple Pencil by drawing power from the iPad Pro was just ridiculous. The idea of having such a large pencil sticking out of the iPad created a ton of concerns over how easy it’ll be for you to break it. The good thing is that 30 minutes of use can be attained with just a 15 second charge, so not all is bad. Those of you not wanting to do this will be sad to know that some Apple training documents reveal that the Apple Pencil will require a special adapter in order to charge from a lightning cable. We hope this accessory is bundled in the box, but even so, the risk of losing that adapter is just another nightmare.


Again Apple’s products are not perfect, and sometimes the company compromises on logic just to follow a design trend. At least we know what the killer feature of the Apple Pencil 2 will be.

Source: 9to5Mac

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