Apple Pay has ‘tens of millions’ of users worldwide, up 450 percent year-on-year

For the past few months, we’ve seen the world’s three leading mobile payment services routinely add to their support list new countries and banks around the globe, though Apple, Samsung and Google all remained quiet regarding how this constant expansion converted into actual usage growth.

Well, Tim Cook finally has some official info to share about Apple Pay adoption numbers, and unlike the Cupertino-based giant’s overall financial outlook, it’s all solid and encouraging. There’s literally nothing that sounds the least bit troublesome, probably because the CEO cherry-picked the digital wallet app’s most favorable stats.

Case in point, we still don’t know exactly how many iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch owners conduct regular on-the-go transactions and how often, but “tens of millions of users around the world” are apparently “enjoying Apple Pay today in stores and in apps”, while the monthly active user base was up a mind-boggling 450 percent last month compared to a year before.

The service remains particularly popular stateside, where it debuted first, back in October 2014, currently accounting for 3 out of 4 local contactless payments, according to “leading financial partners.” But that doesn’t mean Apple Pay hasn’t taken off internationally too, with “over half of transaction volume coming from non-US markets” including 6 of the company’s overall 10 best territories.

Source: iMore

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