Considering Apple’s worldwide success, as well as the early enthusiasm shown for digital wallet services, you’d have probably expected more than just seven countries to feature on the Apple Pay support list nearly two years after its US debut.

Unfortunately, many banks and retailers still need convincing mobile payment solutions are beneficial for all, with Switzerland today finally joining the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore in throwing its weight behind the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch-compatible money app.

Not even its full weight for now, as the only Visa and Mastercard cards you can store in your pocket or on your wrist without physically carrying them are those issued by Bonus Card, Corner Card and Swiss Bankers, three hardly major local financial institutions.

Meanwhile, the roster of NFC POS-touting shops already on the Apple Pay bandwagon includes Aldi Suisse, C&A, K Kiosk, Mobilezone, and Spar locations, with Lidl and dozens of others following suit soon, hopefully beside more and bigger banks. Even considering its limited nature, this latest expansion is an important step for Cupertino, as Switzerland is known for its prosperous financial industry, and Samsung Pay and Android Pay are yet to launch around those parts.

Source: Apple

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