Lumped together with the iOS App Store, Apple Music and iCloud in the “Services” category, Apple Pay no doubt made its own solid contribution to a record-breaking departmental revenue of $7.3 billion this past quarter, as well as unexpectedly sturdy overall financial numbers for the Cupertino-based tech behemoth.

But Luca Maestri, the company’s senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, also went into specifics when discussing the short-term global expansion plans for the popular mobile payment platform during yesterday’s fiscal Q3 earnings call.

Inaugurated almost three years ago stateside, and spread from the UK to Canada, Australia, China, France, Russia, Japan, Ireland and Italy (among others) since then, Apple Pay will take its comprehensive world tour to the UAE, Denmark, Finland and Sweden next.

There are no clear release dates for the four countries in Western Asia and Northern Europe, just a vague but still welcomed promise of “live” service scheduled for “before the end of this calendar year.”

It’s worth pointing out that the iOS, watchOS or macOS-enabled digital wallet service will be playing catch-up to Samsung Pay in Sweden and the United Arab Emirates while most likely beating its arch-rival to the commercial punch across Danish and Finnish markets.

Maestri obviously couldn’t miss a golden opportunity to also flaunt a few Apple Pay achievements and impressive stats, including a nearly 90 percent tally of global mobile NFC transactions and very strong momentum in international markets, “where the infrastructure for mobile payments has developed faster than in the US.” As such, a whopping three quarters of transactions happen “internationally” nowadays.

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