The second public betas of iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 have brought about Apple’s new iMessage-based peer-to-peer payments system.

Apple Pay Cash is now available as a Messages app. Users can use credit and debit cards in their existing Apple Pay wallet to send money along — debit transfers are free while credit-based transfers will likely get tagged with a low, single-digit percentage tariff. A proxy Apple Pay Cash card will store the balance. That card can be used to pay friends or any merchant that accepts Apple Pay. The balance can be transferred back to the bank, though typical processing times apply.

In Messages, any person can text a dollar amount and a prompt can appear to initiate Apple Pay Cash. First-time users will have to agree to terms of use. Beyond that, Face ID, Touch ID or passcode entry is used to verify every transaction. Apple has acquired floating credit through Green Dot to ensure that any money sent through the medium can be used instantly.

Users can sign up for the public beta programs for iOS and watchOS here.

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