Face ID on the iPhone is a convenient way to unlock your device, despite recent rumors that Apple could revert to Touch ID in order to maximize screen real estate. A recent patent application suggests that Apple could be bringing Face ID, or Face ID-like capabilities to Mac computers.

The patent describes how a proximity sensor would be aware of an object moving in front of a computer that’s in low-power/sleep mode. If an object is detected, a secondary sensor, or camera, would identify if it’s a person or an object. If it is an object, the computer’s state will remain unchanged. If, however, the system detects a person, relative to its body position towards the computer, it would power up to its normal operating state.

The system could also be used to unlock a computer, log into services, and other operations that could require biometric authentication. “The device determines if the object is a person, the device determines a position of the person relative to the computing device and executes a change of state in the computing device based on the position of the person relative to the computing device“, the patent reads.

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