Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s head start is over. Apple has reportedly placed orders for 10nm processors that are expected to be used in the A11 chipset for the iPhone 8 and new iPad models. Digitimes also reports from its sources that Nvidia, MediaTek and HiSilicon are buying up 12nm fabrications — which improve upon TSMC’s cost-friendly 16nm process.

With 12nm, MediaTek is said to be working on a mid-range mobile applications chip with its haul while Nvidia is focusing on graphics in AI and autonomous car interfaces.

On the 10nm front, it seems that earlier yield-burdening problems with the components stack have cleared up and leave plenty of room to fulfill Apple’s order in due time. MediaTek is working to stock up its recently announced Helio X30. It canceled work on a Helio P35 due to lack of market pull.

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