Apple may be planning to launch just one OLED 2018 iPhone, two LCD models and SE 2

Apple’s first ever OLED iPhone has been out for less than three months, and it’s impossible to predict with complete confidence what might happen to it after the fall 2018 release of a new product trio.

But said next-gen trio seemed almost guaranteed to include two direct iPhone X sequels with beautiful OLED screens, as well as a (slightly) lower-cost LCD version. Until earlier today, that is, when a daring Digitimes Research senior analyst decided to swim against the stream of recent rumors and forecast a similar 2018 portfolio to the one from last year.

Fret not, as all existing “projects” purportedly support wireless charging and 3D sensing functionalities, aka 3D Touch, presumably also looking to scan your face for biometric convenience and security.

Of the four possible next-gen iPhone designs, Apple is “likely to eventually launch the two LCD phones and the 6.4 to 6.5-inch OLED one.” The LCDs are expected to measure between 5.7 and 5.8 inches and 6 to 6.1 inches respectively, while a 6 to 6.1-inch OLED “project” could be scrapped for unknown reasons.

If all this is true, we can conclude Apple never even considered a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X follow-up, which sounds extremely hard to believe. Then again, Digitimes’ Luke Lin does warn the final decision has not been made yet, and “the vendor may come up with another combination” for the 2018 generation.

What Lin feels a little more confident about is preparation of a “new inexpensive smartphone similar to the iPhone SE.” This iPhone SE 2 (name unconfirmed) should lack 3D sensing, but nonetheless feature wireless charging support, starting mass production in Q2, and launching officially in May or June.

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