Apple discloses actual iOS 10 adoption rate, and it’s not as impressive as we thought

The world’s largest information technology company isn’t having a great year by its traditionally demanding standards, although a marginal dip in demand for new iPhone models, general sales stagnation in key Asian markets and a year-on-year smartwatch popularity decline are nothing compared to the nightmare arch-rival Samsung is living.

Still, Apple can’t be too pleased about the aforementioned, or the relatively sluggish pace at which iOS 10 is actually spreading out. Forget what third-party research firms guessed and estimated since the latest mobile platform build publicly and widely debuted back on September 13.

There’s no way share numbers circled half of the iOS pie a couple of weeks ago, as Apple’s developer webpages confirm “only” 54 percent of iDevices were running version 10 as of last Friday, October 7, i.e. 24 days after the original release. It’s also needless to highlight 66 or 67 percent adoption will be achieved somewhere down the road.

In contrast, iOS 9 took less than a week a year ago to cross the 50 percent line, despite focusing more on subtle under-the-hood optimizations than eye-catching new features.

But 54 percent in under a month isn’t such a lousy score either, especially compared to Android Marshmallow’s 18.7 percent share one full year after its launch, and also considering early iOS 10 kinks, most of which should be ironed out by now.

Source: Apple

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