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Apple offers a special API to Zoom that no other developer has access to

By Prakhar Khanna May 10, 2021, 12:52 am

One of the limitations of Zoom on iPad is its unavailability of use when accessing it in Split View. To counter this, Apple has given Zoom access to a special iPadOS API. This API allows the app to use the iPad camera while using the app in Split View multitasking mode.

Zoom has become an indispensable part of work culture amidst the rise of the work-from-home environment during the pandemic. Several people use the app on iPad, which brings some limitations. Now, Apple is giving some special attention to Zoom to solve one of its biggest issues.

The latest development comes from app developer Jeremy Provost who wrote a blog post explaining how Zoom uses a special API that allows the app to continue using and accessing the ‌iPad‌ camera while the app is being used in Split View mode. The video calling app can do this thanks to an “entitlement,” which gives developers the ability to execute a particular capability with an API.

As per Provost, Apple publicly documents the ability for developers to apply for several different entitlements. They can apply for these in relation to CarPlay, HomeKit, and more. However, notably, the access to special API given to Zoom has not been offered to other developers by Apple. Moreover, its existence isn’t acknowledged by the company either.

What does this access to special API to Zoom mean for the end-user?

For a long time, Zoom has been limited in multitasking on iPad. The new API aims to resolve this as it gives users the ability to use a separate app during a video conferencing call. As of now, without this API when you try to put a video conference into Split view mode on Zoom, the video goes dark as the app cannot access the ‌iPad‌ camera when multitasking.

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