Apple leads J.D. Power’s latest smartphone satisfaction rankings, Samsung is a very close second

Customer satisfaction is a very subjective thing, which can’t be as easily evaluated as sales volume or profit margins, but J.D. Power, a “global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics”, seems to have devised a pretty solid rating system.

7,994 US smartphone users in possession of their current mobile devices for less than a year and subscribed to one of the five Tier 1 carriers (US Cellular included) between October and December 2016 were asked to grade their satisfaction with performance, ease of operation, battery, physical design and features, in order of importance.

At the end of the day, it’s far from surprising to see Apple top another one of these charts, with 840 points on a 1,000 scale, but the gap to second place literally couldn’t be smaller. That’s right, Samsung follows closely behind, at 839 points, despite taking a predictable reputation hit in the wake of Note 7 scandals.

Basically, iPhone and Galaxy owners stateside are equally as content with their gadgets, whereas Motorola and HTC can be happy about substantially improving their total scores. By 15 and 12 points respectively, to be exact, now standing at 824 and 817 tallies.

LG wraps up the list of ranked brands, with only 810 points, likely due to a largely disappointing G5 and leftover frustration from G4 and V10 bootloop flaws. As far as carriers go, J.D. Power study participants confirm their enjoyment of AT&T services, with Sprint a very close second, Verizon ranked third, US Cellular fourth, and T-Mobile a shocking fifth placer.

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