Apple could look to release new low-cost iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even HomePod models this year

Apple has never been one to chase high volume sales at the expense of hefty profit margins, but 2016’s low-cost iPhone SE and that $329 iPad from last year may have proven the Cupertino-based tech giant can bring the best of both worlds together.

Whether a second-gen iPhone SE is in the pipeline or not, it seems more and more likely that Apple will continue to cater to cost-conscious consumers this year. Fresh research compiled by a market analysis firm called WitsView further corroborates existing rumors of a 2018 iPhone X-following LCD model priced somewhere between $649 and $749.

Believe it or not, new “budget-friendly” MacBook, iPad and even HomePod options could also see daylight by the end of the year. Of course, we’re not talking some ultra-affordable MacBook Air to take on Chromebooks or Always Connected Windows PCs, although a $200 discount is still something to consider.

That’s right, you could be asked to pay as little as $799 for an upcoming 13-incher with unknown specifications, while the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad is reportedly targeting a starting price of around $259.

Last but certainly not least, possibly the most surprising product rumored today is some sort of a diminutive HomePod version fetching $150 to $200. Something like that would definitely allow Apple to rival more members of Amazon’s extensive Echo smart speaker family, though it doesn’t sound like Cupertino’s M.O. at all.

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