Supply chain sources strongly believe new iPads will (quietly) see daylight this month

This may sound weird (mostly because it is), but we seem to know way more about next-gen iPhones presumably slated for fall launches than two, three or even four new iPads expected out anytime between this month and May or even June, depending on who you ask.

Well, MacRumors has been asking some “reputable supply chain analysts”, and based on their own sources rather than just random word on the street, these strongly believe something Apple-related will be announced by the end of March.

Something on the hardware front, obviously, likely coming next week, though oddly enough, a standard announcement event is far from guaranteed. That’s because no one’s received or even seen invites yet, and surely, it’s too late to start sending them out now, whether for a March 20 or 24 shindig.

Hence, either Apple plans to hold an unusually exclusive press gathering, or whatever’s around the corner will drop with minimal fanfare directly on the company’s website. It’s safe to assume that borderless 10.5 (or 10.9-inch) new iPad Pro with TSMC-based A10X power is indeed delayed, and so could be the case of a second-gen 12.9-incher.

Meanwhile, a lower-cost 9.7-inch iPad Pro and/or refreshed 7.9-inch Mini might be ready for primetime, possibly joined by a red iPhone 7 and 128GB iPhone SE. Bottom line, we know nothing… for certain, but one or several puzzle pieces should fall into place as early as next week.

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