Apple Music on Android now rolls the music videos

If you like to watch your music in motion and maybe, just maybe, you have up to five other relatives or close groupies that like listening to and watching music, you have a lot of choices to sort through. Simply put, Apple Music on Android has become another choice for you to pick out.

If you’re not already on Apple Music, yes, it’s on Android and yes, it’s being updated pretty often. If you sign up for an account now, though, you can get up to six people on a Family account for $14.99 a month — compared with the single-payer $9.99 a month.

Once everyone hops on board, they can browse, search and watch “thousands” of music videos on the app. Apple Music’s still growing its inventory, so you may still have to juggle YouTube with your jamming routine. But it’s a great start.

All this and the app is still not even at version 1.0 — it’s at 0.9.8. Betas be betas.

Download: Play Store
Via: Android And Me

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