Five months ago, Apple announced its new streaming music platform to WWDC attendees, revealing the long-awaited Apple Music. Just a few weeks later, Apple was flipping the switch on its servers and launching the service live. And while that brought Apple Music to iPhone, iPad, and computer users, there was one big group of mobile users Apple had yet to reach out to: the Android contingent. Android support for Apple Music was teased to arrive sometime later this year, and recently we’ve been checking out reports from beta testers. But now it’s finally time for all that exclusivity to end as Apple brings its app to the Android-using public at large, releasing Apple Music to the Google Play Store.

Technically, while the app is now available for any Android users to enjoy, it’s still in beta, so that means a few hiccups to watch out for. For instance, you won’t find the same account tools in the Android Apple Music app as with iOS editions just yet, and while you’re free to set up an individual account, you can’t yet register for a shared family account. We also get word from Apple that music videos aren’t yet available – but it sounds like both of those issues should be resolved in the weeks to come.

Just like with existing ways to access Apple Music, new users are welcome to test out a three-month trial of the service before committing to a subscription. And if you do decide to stick with it, ongoing access will run you just about $10 a month. The family plan’s still at $15, but due to the limitations we just mentioned, you’ll have to initially set that up on an iPhone or Mac before accessing it through your Android.

Will Apple’s effort be enough to draw Android users away from the likes of Google Play Music, especially now with the added appeal of YouTube Red? We’re about to find out.

Source: Apple (Play Store)

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