For a company that’s been so content to largely keep to itself in the mobile space, this summer brought news of a couple firsts for Apple, as we got confirmation that the company would be releasing its first apps for Android users. One of those, the Android client for Beats Music, is still on its way, but earlier this week we saw the release of the other, officially making Move to iOS the first Apple Android app to arrive. At least, it may be an Apple app on the surface, but a little digging suggests that Apple had very little to do in putting Move to iOS together.

Just to be clear, this distinction is a bit academic: Apple published the app, the program does what it claims to do, and it’s currently available. But for those of you who are as smartphone-obsessed as us, and were tickled by the very idea of Apple coding together an Android app, we’ve got some bad news: Apple didn’t write Move to iOS.

At least, that’s the conclusion that appears most strongly supported by evidence in the software itself, which shares the majority of code with, and includes dozens of verbatim text strings from, an existing app from developer Media Mushroom called Copy My Data.

Apple appears to have licensed Copy My Data from Media Mushroom, and replaced the app’s graphics and UI elements with its own.

In the end, there’s nothing really wrong with what Apple did here – and it makes enough sense to take the path of least resistance and adapt an existing, known-to-be-working app when getting started with a new platform. We’ll just have to keep waiting a little longer for the first, real, capital-A-Apple Android app.

Source: Phandroid

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