Apple declared most valuable brand by another research firm, Samsung ranks third

The biggest, most profitable corporation in the world cannot be stopped from printing money by the FBI, the US Department of Justice, future American president Donald Trump or the developers of the number one search engine.

Google, or rather Alphabet, will occasionally exceed Cupertino in NASDAQ market capitalization, but when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t have the financial muscle to retain the crown for more than a few days.

Not even close, according to independent valuation consultancy company Brand Finance, which assesses Big G’s brand at “only” $94 billion, compared to a crushing $145.9B for Apple. The undisputed heavyweight champion once again boosted its worth year-on-year, from $128.3 billion at the beginning of 2015. Google itself reported a $17 billion or so growth, but it’ll need to further step things up to challenge the gold medal.

In third place, you probably shouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung, despite its recently declining smartphone sales. The king of Android handheld shipments barely surged $1.5 billion from 2014, to $83.2B now, but that still beats a drop in brand value.

It’s also enough to keep Amazon and Microsoft at bay, as well as Verizon and AT&T, the four ranking fourth to seventh in order, surpassing Walmart, China Mobile and Wells Fargo, the rest of the world’s most valuable ten companies on this list.

Source: The Korea Herald
Via: SamMobile

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