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Apple might soon allow users to edit sent messages

By Nadeem Sarwar April 30, 2020, 2:22 pm

Platforms like Slack and Telegram allow users to edit a sent message, but if you are using Messages, it can’t be done. However, a recent patent application filed by Apple suggests that users might soon be able to edit sent messages. Moreover, users will also be able to see the edits done to a message.

Apple’s patent does not reveal the method behind retrieving, editing, and re-sending a message, but it does make it clear that it will be possible. Here’s what the description in a patent called “Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Messaging,” filed before the US PTO says:

“The first message can be edited, despite the fact that it has already been sent. To initiate the editing of the first message, the user selects the first message with a predefined touch input (e.g., a tap gesture, long press gesture, light press gesture, or deep press gesture) on the first message or the message region for the first message.”

However, this is just a patent application we are talking about, which means there is no concrete information if, or when, this feature will be released publicly.

Via: AppleInsider

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