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Apple to deploy 1Password to all employees, may acquire owner AgileBits

By Jules Wang July 10, 2018, 11:53 am

Apple may want to acquire AgileBits, owner of password management software 1Password, BGR has learned. If so, such a deal may signal a possible integration with Apple’s consumer software platforms and give the company another revenue-generating service it can profit from.

In the meantime, AgileBits will need to dramatically scale up its operations in order to meet the grueling demands as set by its suitor as the two work out a large provisional agreement for its 1Password program.

This deal has been dubbed “B2” and would require all of Apple’s workforce to have access to the service within two months of the transaction closing. It would also require a maximum internal support response time of four hours — in 2017, Apple had more than 123,000 employees. The service would also have to be translated into languages for markets where Apple does business.

Apple is paying a custom rate for the package and while we don’t know the exact cost, it has been to the point where AgileBits is awarding employees bonuses.

The source for this story claims that they overheard the comapny’s CEO, Jeff Shiner, talking about an “Apple acquisition” at its Toronto headquarters, but it’s yet to clear up on whether that is actually happening.

Update: 1Password on Twitter has denied the rumor that Apple is acquiring AgileBits.

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