No matter which of the major smartphone platforms you call your favorite, you’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited these next few months. Android users are looking forward to some major flagship launches, and MWC will bring more than enough new hardware to usher them into spring. Windows aficionados have the looming arrival of Windows 10 Mobile updates for existing hardware to cheer about. And in the Apple camp, we’ve been hearing a lot about a rumored March event that could bring us not just the four-inch iPhone 5se, but also new Apple Watch hardware (even if it’s just bands) and maybe even the iPad Air 3. That’s a lot of new gear for Apple, especially for an early-year event like this, so we’ve been understandably anxious to get the full details of just what to expect. While nothing’s official just yet, rumors are starting to close in on just when we can hope to see these announcements go down, finally naming a date for Apple’s launch event.

We had already heard that Apple was likely to go official with all this new hardware during the week of March 14. Now, sources are naming Tuesday, March 15 as the day that week when all this is likely to occur.

Even with this date in mind, we’re still looking for plenty of additional detail on Apple’s launch plans, including news about a venue. Sources providing this info also warn that it’s not necessarily set in stone, and even if that March 15 date is accurate as of now, Apple’s plans could shift in the weeks between now and mid-March.

Despite that lingering uncertainty, the rest of this rumor appears to be holding the course, with smartphone, tablet, and wearable announcements all still expected – it’s shaping up to be one busy March.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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