Apple has announced some major changes in its management with some of the executives getting expanded and additional responsibilities while Scott Forstall is preparing to leave the company as of next year; until then he will serve as the CEO’s, Tim Cook’s advisor. Also leaving the company is John Browett, ex senior vice president of retail; until the company finds a replacement the retail team will report directly to the CEO, Tim Cook.

Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, will take over Siri and Apple’s own maps as the company is now placing all online services in one group. Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, will be responsible for both the computer and the iDevice’s operating systems, leading both iOS and OS X. Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Technologies, will oversee all wireless activities across the company and its products.

Johnny Ive, the person responsible for the look and feel of all hardware at Apple, will now also become responsible of leading and directing human interfaces (HI) as Senior Vice President of Industrial Design.

As far as Scott Forstall is concerned, ex head of iOS, the reason behind his departure from Apple is, according to reports, his refusal of signing a public apology letter concerning Apple Maps and the faulty experience. Forstall reportedly waved off critics and considered problems as being exaggeratedly reported. Instead, the CEO had to sign the apology letter on his own.

What does all this mean for iOS, the iPhone and the iPad? It means that the new team will probably roll out some welcome changes in the future. Johnny Ive will probably have the opportunity to prove himself in the software department as well while bringing his great design abilities to interfaces. It means that Apple is serious about fixing Maps and delivering a solid experience, as initially promised and emphasized in the apology letter.

Source: Apple, New York Times

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