MacPad? iPad Book? Forget it, says Apple CEO, as computers and tablets must stay separate

Tim Cook, the soft-spoken, fairly uncharismatic, almost standoffish head of the world’s most valuable brand, has surprisingly gone on an uncharacteristic offensive of arch-rival Microsoft, which “deludedly” launched the Surface Book recently.

According to Steve Jobs’ heir to the Apple throne, the “ultimate” Windows laptop simply “tries too hard to do too much”, fundamentally failing at both its tablet and notebook purposes. Cook doesn’t believe the same can be said about the iPad Pro, and this time without mentioning competition by name, stresses a “converged Mac and iPad” will never happen.

Well, perhaps never is a strong word, rekindling memories of a similarly inflexible company policy on styluses, with trends always shifting in the most unpredictable directions. What’s clear is for the foreseeable future Cupertino doesn’t plan to bring its computers and slates together, as “neither experience would be as good as the customer wants” in a hybrid-type product.

Instead, Apple will remain focused on making “the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world”, sans compromises, sans unholy unions, and above all, sans fear of the downward spiral PCs seem engaged in for a while now.

In case you’re wondering why Tim Cook then suggested people have no reason to buy PCs any longer, it turns out he strictly meant Windows machines, with MacBooks and iMacs considered something else entirely.

As such, both Macs and iPads shall continue to be marketed aggressively in a “bullish” quest for sales hikes.

Source: Independent
Via: Engadget

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