Apple unveils macOS High Sierra with focus on ‘refinement’

Described as “the heart and soul of Apple” by Tim Cook himself, of course macOS is getting a brand-new update at “the best and biggest WWDC ever.”

Believe it or not, it’s called High Sierra, which Craig Federighi had trouble announcing with a straight face on, but we’re assured it’s no joke. “Fully baked” (okay, that one’s a joke), the latest version of the desktop OS focuses largely on perfecting everything you loved about last year’s first Sierra iteration.

Safari, already a blazing fast web navigator, is now billed as the “world’s fastest desktop browser”, with the native ability to block Autoplay video (sorry, Facebook), and a fancy technology dubbed Intelligent Tracking Prevention to, well, prevent online tracking. You know how you’re often served targeted ads based on what you routinely search for? Not anymore.

Moving on, there are subtle changes and improvements coming to your Mail app as well, including split view for composing messages, and 35 percent less disk space for general storage.

Photos has a bunch of new editing tools and an improved filtering menu, the Apple File System replaces 30 year-old HFS technology as default, with native encryption, crash protection and just everything you need to keep your data “safe and secure.”

Metal 2 (no, not Heavy Metal) should greatly advance graphics (up to 100 times faster than Open GL), and yes, external GPUs are finally supported so you can take your Mac gaming to the next level.

Overall, graphics and web browsing sound like the areas with the most improvements coming, though “refinement” is still the word du jour.

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