Apple Lists Top Apps of All-Time

Never one to let a milestone go unpublicized, Apple is using the occasion of the impending ten billionth App Store download to list the most popular free and paid apps of all time (along with giving the downloader of that ceremonial app 10,000 iTunes bucks). Not surprisingly, nine out of the top ten paid apps (we’re assuming this is ranked by volume, not gross) are games, but what is surprising is that Doodle Jump, Tap Tap Revenge 3, and Pocket God all beat out casual gaming sensation Angry Birds, which came in fourth. The rest of the paid top-ten are rounded out by another pair of Tap Tap games, Bejeweled 2, Traffic Rush, Flight Control, and the one non-gaming title, AppBox Pro-Alarm Clock.

On the free side of things, the top titles are more diverse: Facebook takes the top spot followed by Pandora, Google Mobile, Shazam, and Flixster; rounding out the list are The Weather Channel, Google Earth, Bump, Skype, and Paper Toss — which can claim the honor of most popular free game, which puts it in a great position to rake in the ad dollars. Apple actually does one better than just posting top ten lists, as you can actually view every free and paid app ever in their exact order of popularity. There’s a ton of great data here, so we can’t wait to see some of the extrapolations that are teased out of the multi-hundred-page lists.

Source: Apple

Via: cnet

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