Apple is now rumored to be working with LG Innotek on 3D facial recognition system for iPhone 8

An iPhone 8 rumor a day may keep the boredom away, but it makes it extremely difficult to remember all the groundbreaking features and technologies Apple could bake into the game-changing 10th anniversary mobile device.

For instance, you probably long forgot about a vague story in Korean media last fall hinting at LG Innotek supply of “3D camera” components. At the time, everyone assumed “3D photographing” would be enabled on the next-gen iPhone’s dual rear-facing cam setup, and while nothing should be ruled out yet, insiders have moved on to different speculation.

Instead of gimmicky 3D photos, the OLED iPhone 8, aka X, Pro or Edition, is now tipped to support so-called 3D facial recognition courtesy of a special front-facing module manufactured exclusively by LG Innotek.

The company that’s been solely in charge of the main cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus may have invested as much as $238.5 billion in a new facility “dedicated to Apple’s orders.” An entire factory just for this one piece of the puzzle, so you can imagine how serious Cupertino is to steal Samsung’s thunder.

Don’t forget that the Galaxy S8 is already capable of scanning your face for fast authentication, but security, in lack of a better word, is a joke at the moment. Meanwhile, we’re finding it increasingly plausible that the iPhone 8 will scrap the iconic Touch ID fingerprint sensor, in which case it’ll sure need a super-reliable, speedy and secure iris and facial recognition system.

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