The world’s largest information technology company by revenue couldn’t so comfortably dominate the smartphone profitability ranks if it took big gambles through the wide-scale adoption of experimental features every year.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of an “unapologetically” revolutionary iPhone 8 next year with a borderless OLED screen, all-glass design, wireless charging support, and even 3D camera functionality.

Hopefully, the latter part will be a little less gimmicky than what condemned Amazon’s Fire Phone to public ridicule and rapid oblivion. If it pans out to begin with, considering we’re still light on specifics, and the Korean media’s rumor looks impossible to substantiate for the time being.

All we “know” is Apple has purportedly “united forces” with LG Innotek, the exclusive supplier of iPhone 7 Plus dual camera systems, to “enable 3D photographing” on “new products starting from the latter half of next year.”

At least one, but likely two of the three iPhone 8 versions coming in 2017 should again adopt rear-facing dual cam setups, presumably with enhanced “bokeh” effects in tow, facilitated by a new Portrait mode and mystery depth-of-field upgrades, aka 3D features.

First, it’ll be interesting to see if perhaps next spring’s LG G6 brings back 3D photography goodies after the Optimus 3D family’s missteps a while ago.

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