Apple reportedly picks LG, not Samsung, as exclusive display supplier for foldable iPhone

If you’re already sick and tired of hearing idle gossip about the 2018 iPhone generation, which may or may not entirely ditch Touch ID technology in favor of Face ID and so on, we’re going to turn the page today to… something even less likely to come true.

Now, granted, Apple will often prepare a major product redesign, internal breakthrough or functionality revolution several years in advance of actually carrying out said innovative task. But the chances of this sort of information legitimately transpiring early on in the R&D process are slim, to say the least. Not to mention how volatile foldable iPhone development can be.

All skepticism and disclaimers aside, LG Display is currently believed to have entered a tentative exclusive deal to supply foldable OLED screens for a “new iPhone model” expected out no sooner than 2019.

2020 is an even more reasonable production timeline prediction, which could put Apple a good couple of years behind the latest release schedule eyed by arch-rival and occasional partner Samsung for its long-awaited and oft-delayed flexible “Galaxy X” device.

In case you’re wondering, Cupertino is reportedly looking to collaborate with LG rather than Samsung on the foldable iPhone project due to “concerns over tech leaks.” That sounds… sketchy, but then again, LG Innotek is rumored to be handling the rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB) development, while LG Chem could assume the responsibility of designing L-shaped batteries needed to help the 2019 or 2020 iPhone bend. It may therefore make sense for Apple to work almost exclusively with a single corporation for as many malleable components as possible.

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