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It was about two months ago when we first heard that LG Display joined Samsung as an Apple OLED display supplier. LG Display has been already supplying Apple with LCD screens — probably for the iPhone Xr — and now a new report claims that the company is starting mass production of OLED displays. These will be manufactured during this month, and, reportedly, delivered starting December.

Even though the terms of the agreement between LG Display and Apple, as well as the quantities, have not been disclosed, industry sources are making predictions. 400,000 is the number of OLED screens that will be manufactured and delivered to Apple by the end of this year.

Same sources predict that the cost of one such OLED screen will be around 100,000 won, which translates roughly to $90. Extrapolating the numbers, the report claims that LG Display will generate about 40 billion won in sales from Apple, which is roughly $35.8 million.

Even though the initial orders are relatively small, with the majority going to Samsung, Apple will probably try to even things out and become less dependent on Samsung. This would also represent a great opportunity for LG Display to strengthen its position relative to Apple and Samsung.

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