Apple predictably leads in US smartphone, tablet, and laptop brand loyalty

You often hear the world’s most valuable company justifying its success on the unmatched loyalty of its customers, but exactly how do you scientifically assess such a vague and deeply abstract concept?

Leave it to New York-based consultancy firm Brand Keys to interview close to 43,000 consumers aged 18 to 65 in the nine US Census Regions, in order to determine the most beloved brand names in no less than 72 categories, ranging from airlines to breakfast bars to deodorants to smartphones, tablets, and social networking sites.

The logo that prevailed in the most sections of the comprehensive 2016 customer loyalty engagement index? You guessed it, it’s Apple, with three wins in very hotly contested categories, specifically smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Any victories for Samsung? As a matter of fact, yes, but only in a low-stakes flat-screen TV battle. Google also put one in the win box, for search engines, and Amazon actually took home gold medals both in e-readers and online retailers.

Very few tech-related divisions yielded surprising champions, as Netflix snatched the online video streaming crown, Facebook defended its social networking title, PayPal probably had no real competition as far as online payment services were concerned, Pandora predictably triumphed in e-music, Dropbox earned top honors for file hosting, and Beats by Dr. Dre consolidated its headphone marketing domination.

Wait just a minute. How did AT&T defeat Verizon and T-Mobile in terms of wireless phone service satisfaction? Guess no survey of this extremely subjective nature can be trusted 100 percent after all.

Source: Brand Keys
Via: 9To5Mac

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