Believe it or not, the last time Apple refreshed its iPod lineup was back in year 2012. It makes sense for Apple to loosen its on the iPod with the success of the iPhone, given the company always knew that it would be at the cost of killing its own music player. That last thing we’d expect is for Cupertino to continue refreshing the lineup, but its seems something is coming after all.

When connecting an iPod to iTunes 12.2, which is necessary for users to enjoy Apple Music, we were greeted with the odd surprise of new iPod colors. We see an iPod Touch in dark blue, an iPod nano in Gold, and an iPod shuffle in dark pink, colors which are currently not sold by Apple. At first we thought these were errors, but given the fact that the photo was created recently, it could just be that Apple is intentionally teasing a refresh to come. Other separate leaks also show us that this range of colors is actually coming to all iPod models as well. We also notice that the iPod nano no longer sports a hole for the camera loop.

We should learn more about these new iPods in Apple’s usual September music event.

Source: 9to5Mac


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