Apple reportedly starting to keep warranty on iPhones with third-party screens

Apple has reportedly had a change of heart when it comes to handling iPhone warranties for units with a third-party display.

New guidelines sent to Apple Stores, processing centers and authorized repair partners have been intercepted by 9to5Mac and show that only some exceptional conditions will be treated outside of warranty — an improvement on when third-party screen replacements voided entire warranties and Apple would refuse to service affected devices.

Here’s an excerpt of the guidelines:

5. Third-party displays on an iOS product

For Apple products under warranty, with a third-party display:

  • When the customer reports a display issue, quote the out of warranty display repair charge. If the customer declines the display repair charge, then decline service.
  • When the customer reports a functional failure (unrelated to a display repair), quote warranty service to replace that component. The repair type (such as in-store or mail in) will be based on the service strategy for your location/country.

For an out of warranty (OOW) product with a third-party display which must be mail-in for service, quote the Flat Rate.

  • If a display replacement fixes the problem, the Repaid Vendor will use a lower, display repair charge for Parts Used.
  • If the issue requires a whole unit repair (WUR), then the flat rate charge will be applied to Parts Used for the service.

The changes should apply to most, if not all markets where Apple is present. The effort goes hand-in-hand with a recent AppleCare+ change that reduced some screen repair deductibles to just $29.

The hope is that Apple can continue to shore up service revenues which were roadblocked in repairs by prohibitive prices and warranty conditioning. Infinite Loop also hopes to cut down on third-party shops that have been fighting for “Right to Repair” bills in local legislatures which would allow them access to components direct from a product’s manufacturer, thus pinching any possibility on competition for top-grade parts.

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