Various Apple Stores now promise iPhone X deliveries in no more than a week

There was a lot of talk about various iPhone X production woes between the handset’s September 12 announcement and November 3 commercial launch, as well as before the “all-screen” device was even unveiled, and shortly after pre-orders started on October 27.

But Apple miraculously ramped up manufacturing of the Face ID-enabled smartphone, purportedly without making any performance compromise, and waiting times rapidly dropped from over a month to no more than four weeks, then two to three weeks, and a couple of weeks tops.

Believe it or not, Cupertino can do even better, although the iPhone X reportedly sold like hotcakes on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday at its full retail price.

Right now, online US Apple Store shoppers are looking at a delivery estimate of just five business days, regardless of their carrier of choice or preferred storage configuration.

It almost goes without saying that shipping times continue to vary from region to region, but new iPhone X adopters in countries like Canada, China or Korea can also expect their e-orders to be fulfilled in a maximum of five business days at the time of publication.

Looking back at analyst predictions from last month, not to mention September or October, it’s really not that bad to be left waiting until December 9 in Japan, December 11 in the UK or Australia, and anywhere between the 11th and 18th in France if you order the iPhone X today. It seems like iFans around the world will have a merry Christmas after all.

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