There’s been a great deal of controversy among financial analysts, industry pundits and market research firms over the past few weeks regarding the iPhone X popularity during the holiday season and Apple’s best course of action going forward to try to keep the $999 and up device in the limelight.

Until today, no one claimed to have a final global shipment tally for the handset’s first eight weeks or so in stores, but that changes with a 29 million Canalys estimation. The analytics company feels certain the iPhone X was the world’s most successful smartphone in Q4 2017, unfortunately not publishing any stats for devices ranked lower on that list.

In case you’re wondering how it may have been possible for the X to beat the iPhone 8, which was released earlier and reportedly topped the US charts, Canalys highlights 7 million of the aforementioned 29 mil units were shipped in China.

Still, the overall number, while deemed impressive for the extravagant price bracket, is “slightly below industry expectations.” Canalys has no Q1 2018 prediction to share at this time, although many other experts are confident sales will decline rather than surge for the iPhone X’s first full quarter of commercial availability. Unless discounts come into play, which feels fairly unlikely.

Today’s report also (vaguely) describes the iPhone SE, 6s, 7 and 8 models as strong Q4 performers, all contributing to Apple’s “best performance to date”, which will only be confirmed and detailed on February 1.

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