Watch our Apple iPhone X review! Ten years of iPhone is not just ten years of iPhone, but also a decade for the modern smartphone. At this point younger generations have no clue just how much smartphones changed after the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Navigation buttons and keyboards were killed in favor of slimmer designs and multi-touch controls, and that was the primary step into how everything has evolved until today. About the only problem is that hardware grew stale. The game transformed into more of a war of ecosystems

Every other iPhone after the first was more an iteration. Sure they got larger, far more powerful, and brought new features. But the primary reason for love of loyalists and the pan of power users was that if you placed any iPhone on a table, it was hard to tell them apart from the front.

This is one of the main reasons why the iPhone X is so important. Never before has Apple deviated from the things that made an iPhone, an iPhone. This is really the first time that visual iteration makes a jump to visual innovation. In Tim Cook’s words, “this is the future of the smartphone,” but the question is if this first step is good enough to define how future smartphones should be.

Watch our full review.

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