iPhone X launch draws large crowds worldwide while online waiting times gradually get better

Much ado about nothing. Despite bleak characterizations of early iPhone 8 demand, similarly gloomy predictions on the iterative upgrade’s future success, and widely reported bottlenecks in iPhone X production, all signs suddenly point to a very lucrative end of the year for Apple.

Cupertino’s financials already thrilled investors between July and September 2017, with only a few days of iPhone 8 sales counted in, while lucky early adopters of the “all-screen” X can expect a huge surprise on their doorsteps later today.

Today also sees limited inventory arrive in physical Apple Stores worldwide, and yes, the lines are long enough to remind the most profitable smartphone vendor around of the “good old days.”

At the time of writing, the doors have been open across Asia for enthusiastic iFans for several hours, and there are no reports of shortages yet. Hundreds of people from Australia, Japan, Singapore and even China queued up for a chance to be among the world’s first to hold this precious in their hands and take home to finally try out the innovative Face ID authentication method.

Credit: Krithika Sriram (Twitter)

Long, “snaking” lines reportedly formed in many big cities like Sydney, Beijing, London, New York and Boston as early as Tuesday night, with a few overly fanatical buyers camping outside traditionally busy stores for up to a week just to earn bragging rights.

It’s all good news for Apple CEO Tim Cook, who stressed during his company’s most recent earnings call that he can’t predict when a supply and demand balance will “happen.” But the production “ramp” is certainly going “well”… enough, as proven by ship times currently listed at the online Apple Store in a number of key markets.

Stateside, for instance, pretty much all iPhone X configurations for the nation’s major carriers can be ordered today and received in “3-4 weeks.” That’s obviously not ideal, but it’s gradually getting better.

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