Rumored at one point to start at a crazy high $1,200 and cost as much as $1,400 with maximum storage stateside, Apple’s face-scanning iPhone X ended up officially priced at “only” $999.

That’s for an “entry-level” 64GB configuration, of course, while 256 gigs of digital hoarding capacity will set you back $1,149, no strings attached, from October 27. It’s hard to consider that affordable, no matter how deeply in love you might be with the new “all-screen” design, but you can’t say those rates are entirely uncalled-for either.

Sadly, as is always the case with cutting-edge mobile technology, and especially fancy next-gen iGear, folks outside the US need to pony up even more cash. A lot of extra cash in Russia, for instance, where the aforementioned bleak analyst prediction basically came true… and then some.

The former Soviet country’s RUB 79,990 starting price equals roughly $1,390 in the most familiar Western currency, according to data gathered in a neat “global” graph by Business Insider.

A little research of our own reveals the 256GB SKU fetches 91,990 rubles in “Mother Russia”, which amounts to an almost absurd $1,585 or so. But don’t think for a second prospective iPhone X buyers across the EU have it substantially better, as they’re required to cough up around €1,159, or $1,385. That goes up to the rough equivalent of $1,580 with enough storage space to accumulate every Game of Thrones episode aired so far.

Meanwhile, over in budget-focused China, the iPhone X costs at least RMB 8388, or $1,280, with Canada and Japan-based buyers the closest to US “affordability” levels, at $1,080 and $1,019 respectively. Still, everyone expects this bad boy to sell like hotcakes around the world.

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