The names and numbers are pretty much etched in stone at long last, a few of the key selling points hold absolutely no secrets anymore, and the most devoted iFans have already begun to cue up, even though the iPhone X could well need weeks, maybe months, to actually be delivered to its earliest adopters.

But what if we still know nothing? Or what if we know some things, but they’re not entirely accurate? Case in point, the latest turn in a branding debate that seemed endless and pointless not long ago.

Over the weekend, all iOS 11 signs pointed to an iPhone X – 8 – 8 Plus lineup, which sounds logical but also a tad confusing. X, of course, stands for 10, so the decidedly less glamorous iPhone 8 and 8 Plus might face an uphill battle in stores, feeling terribly outdated right off the bat.

Previously, iPhone Edition was a fairly solid candidate for the marketing label of the family’s first OLED member, with a nice, vague ring to it that wouldn’t threaten the appeal of the 8 duo.

A more elaborated iPhone X Edition signature is now all of a sudden in the cards, at least according to Discover. What does a credit card issuer have to do with a flashy Apple keynote and a bunch of hot new iGear? Nothing, really, but it’s still odd that Discover didn’t choose the likeliest names for this premature placeholder page.

All references to the iPhone 8, 8+, X Edition, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV (2017) and iPod touch (7th Generation) have predictably been erased from the Discover Deals portal, which doesn’t answer the crucial question of the financial services company’s inside information.

For his part, Steven Troughton-Smith, who dug up an abundance of valuable intel from both iOS 11 and HomePod leaked code, thinks “Discover is smoking something”, since there’s no 7th gen iPod Touch in the pipeline to his knowledge.

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update: Talk about an elaborate hoax. It turns out the above “mock image” was “never posted on any Discover websites”, and the financial services provider didn’t actually try to predict the names of Apple’s hot new iDevices at the eleventh hour. We apologize for falling for this “false rumor.” Statement below:
On Monday, September 11th, a false rumor was reported about Discover posting information on its website about Apple’s new products. The rumor has no merit and an accompanying mock image was never posted on any Discover websites.
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