Another iPhone X bug makes headlines, this one preventing users from answering calls

Everybody knows there’s no such thing as a glitch-free software platform, but at the same time, hardcore fans of the world’s second most popular mobile OS have come to expect a certain degree of stability and smoothness they’re simply not getting as of late.

A recent accumulation of iOS bugs, some small and a few pretty severe ones, affecting both new and old iPhones and iPads, might be the main reason why Apple is reportedly thinking of focusing more on “substance” in the next big platform update.

In the meantime, many of those who’ve spent $999 and up on the fancy iPhone X expecting performance and stability on par with that price point continue to complain of various kinks. They’re largely minor, mind you, and the latest to catch a bit of mainstream media attention doesn’t appear very widespread either.

But that doesn’t make it any less annoying for iPhone X users who are experiencing it, especially as it seems to have gone unnoticed and unfixed ever since Apple’s first OLED handset made its commercial debut. As the number of displeased folks voicing their frustration on the Cupertino company’s official support forums has increased (a little), the issue is now finally under investigation.

Until a solution is found, answering calls on the iPhone X continues to be tricky for some people, as the screen refuses to turn on and display an incoming caller’s information, as well as the “accept” and “decline” buttons. There’s nothing wrong with the ringtone, apparently, and after a few seconds, everything lines up… unless you’ve already missed your chance to take the call.

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