The conflicts that exist between tech companies and government forces over encryption and access to user data aren’t going away anytime soon, and even as we sort through the aftermath of the FBI and DOJ’s run-in with Apple over the San Bernardino iPhone, more and more news of similar showdowns in courtrooms across the nation are coming to light. Today we’re learning of another recent case that may have not grabbed the same national attention as the San Bernardino one, but represents another occasion when Apple was ordered to extract user data from an iPhone, an another occasion on which which Apple objected to the state’s demands.

We’re still missing a lot of details from this particular case, the paperwork for which was just unsealed today, but we know that in February a Boston court ordered Apple to extract data from an iPhone owned by an alleged gang member.

Just as Apple did in the San Bernardino case, it formally objected to to that order here, but this time the government appears to have backed down, and understand that the matter wasn’t pursued further.

There are a lot of technical questions we’d love answered here, especially in regards to exactly what iPhone hardware we’re talking about – and sadly, we haven’t seen any details publicized along those lines. Maybe the important take-away is that Apple’s resistance is far from a one-off event, and the company appears willing to push back against unreasonable demands for it to interfere with the security of its own devices.

Source: Reuters
Via: Engadget

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