The iPad Pro-designed Apple Pencil is referenced as everything from a “classic writing tool” to a “pixel-perfect precision” note taker, schematic drafter, watercolor painting instrument, magic wand and, well, pencil on Cupertino’s official website.

One thing Apple doesn’t like you to call its $99 tablet accessory (sorry, “creative possibilities opener”) is a stylus. There’s a good reason why the company’s current CEO has always insisted this is “not just a stylus” and it dates all the way back to 2007’s industry-revolutionizing announcement of the first-generation iPhone.

A full decade ago, the late Steve Jobs outright roasted the stylus, rhetorically questioning who needs one when you have ten fingers to touch a screen with. After another three years, Jobs remained completely opposed to the alternate mobile device input method, famously saying “if you see a stylus, they blew it.”

Well, Tim Cook’s Apple may be about to “blow it”… again, reportedly “mulling” the addition of a stylus to the iPhone’s skill set “as early as 2019.” This is hardly the first such rumor we’re forced to deal with in recent years, but while The Investor’s “industry sources” are anonymous, vague and therefore somewhat shady, they seem to know a few previously undisclosed details.

For instance, “the iPhone stylus”, which will no doubt be branded differently if it ever sees daylight, is expected to be of the “supercapacitor type.” This is apparently cheaper to make than the electro-magnetic resonance technology-based Samsung S Pen, and it “also offers a more pen-like feel.”

That almost sounds too good to be true, so at least for the time being, let’s keep our skeptical hats on.

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