Forget rose gold-colored iPhone SE: new 4-incher already available in solid gold

You know what would go great with a $17,000 hardened 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition or diamond-studded Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono? A luxury iPhone 6s, yes, customized by Goldgenie in more than a dozen different opulent styles, but also a product from the same company’s new iPhone SE Collection if you’re into smaller handhelds.

That’s unlikely, since people interested in these things often look to compensate for you know what, and live their lives by the “bigger is better” credo. Still, Goldgenie couldn’t have let an iPhone release pass by without trying to score a bit of free publicity from the nauseated press.

Here we go again therefore, tearing this atrocious demonstration of poor taste a new one, as oil tycoons are specifically targeted by a Limited Edition Gulf State iPhone SE Elite. The “standard” Elite, meanwhile, starts at almost £1,500 ($2,100) for the “masses”, with its full back and sides embellished in solid 24k gold.

Amusingly enough, you can choose to pay just half of that when you order the extravagant device if business is a little slow.

The priciest luxury iPhone SE configuration isn’t up for grabs yet (so sad), with information on how you can burn up to £54,400 ($77,000) available via email. The Solid Gold Superstar ICE model is adorned with no less than 200 grams of 18k gold, and it can be covered in 364 diamonds totaling 5.5 carats if you feel the world needs even more evidence you’re a gigantic douche.

Source: Goldgenie
Via: Pocket-lint

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