Apple to soon kick off India manufacturing with iPhone SE in limited numbers

If Apple can’t sell refurbished handsets in India even after likely caving to most of the local government’s strict conditions for building new iPhones at a dedicated Wistron factory in Bengaluru, the Cupertino-based tech giant will at least try to increase the SE’s appeal in a key market still focused on affordability.

According to “industry sources with direct knowledge of the matter” speaking to Reuters on the condition of anonymity, iPhone SE assembly in the “Silicon Valley of India” should begin sometime “in the coming months.”

The mid-range, cheap (-er) 4-inch iPhone is however already a year old, so you have to wonder whether cash-strapped mobile consumers around those parts wouldn’t show more interest in a pre-owned, heavily discounted 7-generation device.

Then again, we still don’t know if Apple actually plans price reductions for iPhones made in India. After a rocky commercial debut at an outlandish Rs. 39,000 starting RRP, the SE has gradually lowered its ask, nowadays costing 29 thousand rupees through Amazon’s regional branch, equating to roughly $430.

That continues to feel like a rather extravagant purchase for the sub-$250 Samsung, Vivo or Xiaomi-loving masses, and Apple can’t possibly go that low, with or without local manufacturing. Hence, why the initial production run is tipped to fall substantially under a 300K unit mark rumored by certain media outlets.

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